North Jersey Real Estate Club Recommendations?

I found two clubs in North Jersey:

Metropolitan Real Estate & Investors Association
New Jersey Real Estate Investment Club

Can someone recommend one over the other?

Also how does a newbie like myself go about making friends in these clubs?



There is also another one call Garden State REI that has meetings in northern jersey. One of there meeting spots is near Newark Airport. I plan on going to this one next week for the first time.

my suggestion would be to try each of them out, join the ones you like.


One thing to remember when you go to the meeting, the “meeting” part is nice and it will give you some good information but you are REALLY there to find people. Find out who is doing what and talk to the people doing what you want to do. For example there may be a speaker on how to reduce property taxes and you don’t even own any real estate yet. That is ok. You want to talk to the guy that owns 12 properties and is looking for tips on his property taxes. In other words the main course is the networking the speakers are the desert.

I have been part of MREIA for one year, and I can honestly say that my knowledge has increased over the course of the year. All of the members seem to all be on the same page as well when it comes to networking and learning that extra step from the next guy. The group meets once a month and hosts a Saturday mentoring breakfast for $10(breakfast included of course).

Just don’t become a sucker when these so called “gurus” come to present their investment strategy which happens four times a year. From my experience, all they do is launch cd’s at the group along with an endless array of testemonials trying to get you to buy there product for this super discounted price when you can just hop on ebay and purchase it for $400 cheaper. Although they are super succesful real estate investors, they play the role more of a motivational speaker on these days.


How was Garden State Rea? I was considering taking a visit to that club.