North Fl, Jacksonville

Any one had success in this region or have opinions?

I have bought two homes this year, rehabbed them, and made 20K per house.
One listed on MLS and the other one from a “flipper.”
I live in Jax.

Im from Jax. Live in Va now. What parts are you finding success. I’m guessing your working away from the beach?

Hi chris,i am residing in Jax IN the Mandrin Area. and i wanted to know how did you get started. i am a mother if three and im trying to get in this buissness. i need help tips or anything, poor credit i dont have much money right now. but i am very determined. i have tried carlton sheets course and some other ones. but know progress. so please can you help would appreciate any help at this time thank you.

My suggestion would be to start out by bird-dogging. You can get a general idea of what the market is doing and get a good idea of the area. Start out by trying to find good deals on properties and then sell them to investors in Jax. it is a good way to make a little income and get you started. When you start finding good deals the money will come regardless of your credit, income, etc. Hope this helps.

ok thankyou so much for the information. its helpful