North Carolina seeks help

I have a pre-fore. in Lumberton, NC 4 bedroom 1.5 bath brick carport 1039sq. ft. . The lady owes 28k on home the lender says she need 10k to get current. The auction is on 4-15. She is open for anything. how can I help her? It’s a gov. auction. I do have her under contract. Please help me help her. Thanks!

What is the house worth?

Lets say $78k (to make the math easy). That means she has $50k equity. Then subtract $10k for arears plus expense to make the house sellable (let say another $10k). Thus she really has $30k. Offer her $15k (cash) to sign the title over to you. A 50% on equity is typical in this situation.

Check the local laws in NC so you don’t make any mistakes. Some info is available at

Thanks so much my mentor told me about this site! The bpo was 44k she had it appr.@ 68k big spread. Look forward to all the help. Maybe I can return it one day.