alright, so this may not be the best place to start, but you gotta start some place right?

I am currently on college in arizona but am interested in flipping houses and landlording, the last thing i want to do is trade time for money for the rest of my life you know?

my question is this, for you flippers, rehabbers, and landlords and those involved in short sales, what kind of advice can you give me to get started?

There are alot of questions I have but most stem from general lack of knowledge of the real estate market as a whole :banghead

ahh well, maybe someone can lend some friendly advice

Read this forum a lot, read lots of great real estate books and stay away for gimmick gurus that sell their courses for thousands of dollars.

Study until you understand the business. Join your local REIA and make friends with the SUCCESSFUL investors in your area. Look at 100 to 200 houses in your area (inside and out) until you KNOW your market. Understand the real world expenses involved with your type of investing. Write a short business plan that will provide a realistic path from getting from where you are now to where you want to be. WORK HARD!

Good Luck,