NOO loan needed with 1x30late mortgage in March

Anyone handle a loan with a 1x30late in March. This late is in dispute but may take a few more months to be the servicing company to remove it.

As of now, my broker says he can not go over 85% LTV but also has a company he found today doing 90% LTV NO DOC.

I need loan to be NO RATIO perferred or Stated (self employed or W-2 ), stated assets. Need 5-10% downpayment to be non-seasoned as well.

FICO is 696 pulled around June 15th but has the 1x30late.

Property is a highrise condo in Ft Lauderdale, Fl for 540K purchase price.

Just a quick glance and noticed 1 lender offers SISA up to 90% with 1x30 in the past 12 months.

Is the condo warrantable?

How many properties do you own?

If you cant verify the down payment then a no ratio program wouldnt be available, you’d need stated assets. But then you run into stating your income which may be challenging if that’s why you were asking for no ratio of income. Sounds like you really need a no ratio/stated asset program which I’ve only seen a couple lenders offer a year back. (gone now)

I would have to ask the same question as Ben about the # of properties. Although their are programs that allow for unlimited properties, your better rates are tied to a certain max # of properties.

With the market turning to investors right now, lenders are offering some pretty neat programs.

yea, I can do this deal to 90% IF the 1x30 was indeed inaccurate. I PM’d you w/ details.