NOO condo refinance with H1B visa & 2 months on title

Hi all,

I am trying to refinance a hard money loan I have on a condo that I have owned for 2 months and almost finished rehabbing. My FICO is around 640. I need a 80-90% LTV refinance in Texas (underlying hard money loan is 70% ARV) with minimum closing costs. Need to complete by April 15th. Suggestions, please?



What’s your loan amount and current market value?

Every lender has requirements. What you are looking for is doable but not common. So you have to use the right lender.

80% LTV for documented foreign nationals living in the USA

No credit checks and no credit reports required

There are loans that have NO SEASONING for cash out which is what I am reading in between the lines that is what you are asking for.

There are not very many lenders that do this and I do this daily for investors.

My main question would be are are going full documentation or stated income?

Are you going to occupy this condo or rent it out?

Is this condo a warrentable condo(mostly owned by owners) or a unwarrentable condo (mostly owned by investors) This would effect the LTV greatly.

Did you get this done by April 15?