Nonperforming/delinquent mortgages

I am hoping someone can help me out I’m looking for a company that can generate a list of past due homeowners (geographically specific) that are delinquent on their loans either 30, 60, 90, 120+ days there used to be an organization called the that specialized in providing list of homeowners that were delinquent or non- performing however I cannot seem to find them and when I call Trans Union, etc… you never can get a hold of anybody that can tell you anything

You might try here:

Just a word to the wise, be very very careful when contacting delinquent homeowners. The Feds have passed some pretty strict regulations which protect this group of borrowers. Any unlicensed individual or organization that is attempting to provide assistance, even if that is simply the purchase of their home, can be liable to fines and penalties. Do your homework and tread carefully.