Non Recourse Asset based loan for SFH Wanted


The asset based loan is doable based on your assets and credit, but the non-recourse part is a lot more difficult if the loan is less than $1,000,000 and non-commercial. Hope this helps.

Non recourse residential loans are only available for self directed IRA investing. Is that what you’re doing?

If not, then don’t confuse non recourse with no personal guarantee. :slight_smile:

Ive been told what i should be looking for is a business line of credit for a LLC

That is unsecured but still requires a personal guarantee. Won’t get reported to your credit bureau, though.

Well what do you recommend when the ownership is under a LLC and its a single fam

What exactly are you trying to do? Does it have to be non recourse (in a self directed IRA)? Are you Ok with personally guaranteeing? Do you want a line or a mortgage? Tell me what the scenario is and then I’ll be happy to make a recommendation.


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