Non Owner Occ., Stated Loan

I was wondering if anyone knows about any non-owner occupied loans available nowadays. Stated.

Any info would help me. Thanks

What details are you needing? I can tell you 90%ltv is the max for stated n/o/o.

90 LTV is the current cap off for investors these days—in general, you will need a => 700 FICO + 6 months of reserves to go SIVA and => 720 + 6 months of reserves to go SISA…


Scott Miller

In addition to stated, don’t forget about the ever so popular “No Ratio” loans which many people dont realize they truly need. Stated loans are for those that really have the income to support the payments but just cant show on paper.

90% available for purchase and cash out with no seanoning, even for properties just taken off the mls.