Non-Local maket info

Anyone have any good tips on how to learn about a market that is not local? I live in Virginia and want to know about the market in Florida… Ft Lauderdale to be exact… Broward county and Palm Beach county. I used to live in Ft Lauderdale so I know a little already but haven’t been there in six years and want to know what the market is doing and what types of investments might be worth while.

I am really just trying to find an excuse to get out of this cold weather!

Call on a few Realtors, contact city officials. Contact the real estate board in that area. Chamber of commerce.

There’s a lot of resources. You can try

1.The official city/state site,
2. chamber of commerce
3. Convention and Visitor’s bureau
4. tax appraisal district site
5. local chapters for the home builder’s associations.
6. Local real estate investing clubs
7. Police crime site
8. state-wide real estate research organizations or publications, like the Texas A&M Real Estate Research Center in Texas.
9. Local board of REALTORS and Mortgage Banker’s Association.
10. Local commercial real estate groups

There are many more, but that’s a real quick stab at it.