Non filed deed and forecloure

I wanted to see if anyone had run across a similar experience that a friend did. He bought a HOA trustee deed Tuesday. The lender had foreclosed a couple months before but the buyer had never filed the deed. At the sale the HOA trustee would not give a deed because there was no notary available. Two days later the trustee says the other guy had filed a deed(Thursday) and that he would have to give the money back.

The general rule is that a sale is a sale when sold and accepted(they did give him a receipt for the money.) Another general rule is the first one to the courthouse wins.

Any experiences?

I’ve not heard of someone dealing with this before. If you would, please provide updates as you learn them as I’m curious to see the outcome of this. Thanks.


If ever there was a house with a clouded title this is it… :eyes

Let us know how this one turns out.