non-exclusive option

I have a property that would make a good l/o candidate, however, the homeowner does not want the home tied up if she finds a buyer. She is comfortable with going the non-exclusive route. Does anyone know where I can find a good non-exclusive option agreement?

Also, are there any extra steps I need to take if a home is listed with a realtor? I plan on being up front with the agent and offering him his 3%. Are there any other steps I need to take to protect myself or ensure that I don’t step on the agent’s toes?

Thanks in advance.

The house is listed, and the homeowner doesn’t want to give you an exclusive option? Why even bother with this? What do you think you’ll be able to do with this property? Find a less cumbersome deal.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear, but the question was a hypthetical one. The home I am after is not listed with an agent but I was curious regardless about the realtor question.

We have homes that are listed with realtors at 80% comps here in Michigan that have no offers on them. Isn’t it feasible to get homes like these under contract and lease option them to t/b’s who might not have another option? And still have room for a decent profit after paying 3% to the realtor? Just a thought.

I have an option agreement. Does anyone have a non-exclusive agreement? Or can I simply modify the contract to make it non-exclusive?

Thanks for all your help.

20% below market these days is nothing to write home about. It’s a buyers market, to say the least. Make lowball offers.
You might be able to find the contracts you’re looking for over at the Naked Investor site. And the Pure Option Agreement you have will probably suffice for a non-exclusive deal, if you make a simple modification.

Thanks again AJ. I will check out the site.