Non-circumvent / Fee Agreement For Property Locator

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Iam new to real estate and basically I’m learning this business from ground zero. Iam interested in wholesaling which includes being a property locator. I have read the various posts in this forums and other online resouces. After reading most of the topic information. It is highly recommend to have in place a "non-circumvent / fee ageement in place prior to doing business if I intend on getting paid for services provided. Having the understanding that I will only be paid my asking fee when and if it results in settlement.

My sticking point is how to structure my terms/ conditions correclty

Here are a few points that I have listed.

WHEREAS, Client A (investor) and Client B(myself-property locator) collectively have concluded a confidentiality agreement and wish to conduct business concering the above property located at 123 main street.

NOWTHEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein exchanged both parties (Client A- investor and Client B Myself) agree to client and customer referrals, non-circumvention and non-solicitation in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

  1. Confidential information. The content of the confidentially agreement is hereby incorporated by reference

2 Definitions

(a) An “Introducing Party” is party who, with the prior consent of the other party, introduces, by means of verbal, written or in-person communication wth reference to business matters, the other party to a client or customer with whom the receiving party had no business contact prior to the introduction.

(b) A “Receiving Party” is a party who, by its prior consent, accepts an introduction to a client or customer by the introducing party.

3 Referrals of Clients. The Receiving party(investor) shall pay the agreed fee of 10% to the introducing party(property locator) upon settlement of the above mentioned property located at 123 main st.

  1. Here is where the water gets rough… how do I incorporate the assignment of the title over to the investor. Iam not interested in owning the property.

  2. I’m sure that there is more…please :help

  3. Any other conditions or key points that I have left unaddressed please feel free to post your through process and or comments.

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