No time for forums

You know, I thought about that yesterday. This no disrepect to anyone, but a lot of people on here are saying they are experts, big time investors, blah, blah, (I’ll leave you to fill in the blank), but if one is that big of an investor, why are you here on these boards? How come your time isn’t spent running your business? If it’s to teach and educate us newbies, that is great, I appreciate it.

Again, I am not saying anyone is lying, I just can’t see myself here everyday, all day if I have a huge portfolio/business to run. I just don’t see Trump or Kiyosaki sitting at their PC on boards like this. And yes, I have seen some say they are making millions here. Again, not to bash, just asking questions.

I do appreciate the site, because I have gotten what has turned out to be great advice. Just wondering if I’ll have time to sit on forums 3 years from now (my 3 year plan). There is nothing wrong with sharing info, just not sure if true big investors have the time.

As you know neither Donald Trump nor Robert Kiyosaki spend any time on real estate. Kiyosaki made his money selling books as he does now, Trump made lots of money in real estate now he is selling books. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do real estate. Remember it is not about the money it is about the lifestyle. Making money for money’s sake is being a miser. You want to make money so that you can have the lifestyle you choose. If I wanted to work hard at a business, I would open a Burger King franchise work 12 hour days and have the lifestyle of a fast food worker. Real estate makes you money and frees up your time to fish, golf or spend time on these boards. I am not rich but I do own a couple million dollars in real estate and I spend about the amount of time it takes to go to the bank and deposit checks most months.

I so understand your point… and i would also agree with the above post… If you have a system REI is easy…

I havent met very many people who have done 200 deals a year… actually I havent met anyone… I met someone who did 75…

And I still have an occassional moment to type something… although my production is down to a deal a week on average this year… Lazy I guess…

I need to stop typing and answer the money line… :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to being at least a deal a week and consider that lazy :slight_smile: I think that’s awesome!

Someday I’ll get there!

I think he was being sarcastic… :biggrin

With where I am in business I have peaks and valleys of being busy. Sometimes I am in my home office for most of the day, sometimes I am out and about. When I am home I make it a point to get on here and learn about what others are doing and help if I can. It’s part of the freedom that comes with this business. Am I a millionaire? Not yet. But I am a thousandaire!!! LOL.

After a while you can tell who knows what they are talking about and who doesn’t. I am incredibly thankful for the guys and gals that do take the time to teach people like me, and at NO COST! DavidN, maybe after your three year plan works and you are making big $ and have more free time you can come back and teach some newbies! Good luck to you!

I have a full time job in IT so I am in front of a computer 8 hrs a day, I stop in here whenever I have free time.

Same here. I sneak in every day at some point to absorb info. Hopefully in 3 yrs I won 't be here unless I am doing something I really, really love in this field. Ok, who am I kidding, I don’t want to be working for someone else in 3 yrs.

We can arrange for those the who don’t want to be here to not be…



First…I cant remember any of the regulars on here stating that they are multibajillionaires or whatever. They come here to HELP people and some people like myself appreciate that.

And you are ASSUMING Trump or any other wealthy person does not surf the net or post on message boards. How do you know? Do you have access to Trumps daily activities?

I got it! Maybe if I get away from the internet, I will become rich?

I think a lot of people enjoy discussing something they enjoy with other people who enjoy the same thing. I learn a ton reading peoples postings, and in turn I try to offer as much advice as i can.


I don’t know if anyone on here claims to be a big time investor, whatever you think that is. Danny the Great was probably the closest thing to a big time investor (maybe FDJake), but Danny hasn’t posted lately. I’m not sure anyone on this forum even wants to be a big time investor. I know that being the next Donald Trump is definitely not my goal. In fact, I have largely met my goal, which is to have enough cash flow from my rentals to be able to do the things I enjoy and yet still work only a few hours per week (currently 12-16 hours) and set my own schedule. I have no interest in working like a dog to become a “big time investor” and I certainly don’t want to do 200 deals a year.

I also don’t think anyone is here all day, every day. Today, I worked on a rental from 11am to 3pm, so I know I wasn’t here during that time. Outside of that, I did check my e-mail several times. I really don’t have anything else to do today. It’s too cold to ride my motorcycle and too warm to go snowboarding. As Christopher said, a lot of people enjoy discussing real estate and helping newbies get started correctly. Personally, I also trade some stocks and I participate in a stock forum also.

ab, I would be interested to know what your definition of a big time investor is? I imagine it’s kind of like the definition of rich - most people don’t have any idea what rich is? It’s usually just someone with “a lot more money than me”.


You’re right on Mike…

Wealth is what we think it is… I personally struggle with that thought weekly… I can say that it has its cost… I realized this year that I have more then ever before…

I am a full time and very successful investor and I have time to stop by REI because I learned some time ago to work on my business not in my business. I have tried to automate or delegate every aspect of my business that I did not enjoy doing myself. As a result I can change out a toilet if I feel like or not. I can convey some information to others in the industry when I feel like it, usually at night, and I can spend the time I want with my family that I want.

Being busy does not mean you are being productive just like being productive does not always mean that you are being busy.

Just some thoughts.