No seasoning refinance? Or shortest time?

Does anyone do no seasoning refinance or what is the shortest amount of seasoning required to refinance, for example a 5 unit residential property in PA.

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A 5 unit property is considered a commercial multi - residential loan.

It is not under the 1 - 4 unit residential guidelines!

Talk to a commercial multi - unit lender in PA about terms & conditions.

Just be aware that 1st TD money is readily available but finding 2nds is not for commercial properties and your likely only going to be able to get 75% for 1st TD financing in our current economy.

Property value will be based on cap rate and gross rents multipliers.

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Local banks should be able to do a commercial loan. This is true for even 1-4 investment properties. Guidelines are different than conventional so seasoning shouldnt be an issue. If you cant find a bank in your area let the board know.