no seasoning re-fi?

What is the earliest that I could re-fi a property? Its a commercial property that I would want to re-fi in 3-6 months. Is this possible and what LTV could I realistically take out? I want to take some of the equity out but yet cashflow nicely. I’m sitting at 80% LTV right now. Any thoughts?


I hate to give you this answer… but… it all depends on your lender and the terms of your initial loan. As to the LTV question… it also varies by lender.

Then why did you give me that answer :slight_smile: Sales price of 271K. Appraisal at 340K (legit as well ;)) 30 yr first at 8.25% interest with a 3 yr balloon. Put down 10%. Seller second at 27K with no payments no interest with a 8 month balloon. Fico mid 7’s.


You need to check to see if there is a prepayment of a lockout in your loan agreements.

No pre-pay’s of any kind.