No-one Needs $100,000?

We all remember when Nanci Pelosi and the Congressional Black Caucus chose to walk through the angry Tea Party crowd on the day the Socialist Healthcare Bill was signed. We also all remember when John Lewis and other members of the congressional black caucus said that the “N word” was hurled at them repeatedly (at least 15 times) as they passed through the angry crowd. Since then, Lewis has backpeddled on his accusations but at least one Union Leader has been on TV claiming the “N Word” was repeatedly shouted at the Congressional Black Caucus members.

Andrew Breitbart has offered a $100,000 to ANYONE that has proof that these racial epithets were indeed cast at the CBC members. Well, guess what - of all the tens of thousands of people with cellphones and video cameras at the event, NOT A SINGLE PERSON has come forward to claim their $100,000! Hmmmmmm! Either times are mighty fine and no-one needs a measly $100 grand or IT WAS ALL A BIG LIE BY THE SOCIALISTS TO FOMENT RACIAL STRIFE!

I missed that tea party, had to work. But I attended two of the Healthcare protests in D.C. and I had real trouble believing this too. The crowd, though riled up, is made up of hard working Americans, small business owners and retirees. I’m a bit of an outcast there being only 29. It’s just not that crowd that would yell the N word. After the tea parties are over, some say over a million people was at the big one in September, I like to walk through the empty grounds, clean as they were before the rally. Much cleaner than after the inauguration, but there were more people then. Not that much more.

Here is a picture of my wife at one of the DC parties. I am next to her in the leather jacket, can’t see me. Sure wish I had taken more pictures.

I’m actually excited and welcome any blacks with open arms that broke away from the herd to support the working class common sense tea party.I’ve seen others that feel the same way.Checkout Kevin jackson,he spoke at several of them,brilliant black man who knows real history.

As for Nancy’s sideshow of "astroturf"racism,it backfired in her dumb face.They wanted sooooooo bad for things to go wrong, that they made it up when it did’nt.The fact is the media had their hands on this in 90 minutes,which is incredibly fast for media.Another fact is,Jesse Jackson Jr. was recording right behind them,and somehow nobody,NOBODY has this BS on tape.If it happened the Democrats would’ve had it on every network worldwide.By the way any of you heard Rev Wright’s racists rants or Maxine Waters.Weird how we have those on video,yet no appologies from nobody.

The truth is americans don’t play the race card,that would be the Democrats,every chance they get since the 1960’s.