No forwarding service available

As I’ve sent on many postcards and letters, I have gotten about 1/4 - 1/3 that are Return to Sender, No Forwarding Address, Moved, etc. I know there is a house there, I’ve seen it. Obviously, the lights are dark and no one’s home - the owner’s have moved. Many times, its actually recently built houses that were never moved into. So, what is a strategy with these types?


Dr_white - are you sending the postcards to the houses? My suggestion is to look for the address of the owner in the tax records and send it to them. This is what I did few months ago when I started marketing to ugly houses in a neighborhood. It took me some time to identify all the addresses in the tax records - I had to search one by one. But I enjoyed doing that. I still got some return to sender. However the majority never came back - which probably means they reached someone… :O)

Good luck!