No experience..HELP!!!!

I was just wondering what some of you vets would do in my position. I am tryin to get some private money but i am having a tough time because i dont have alot of experience, nor do i have credit( i have a n/a credit score) and i am 19 yrs old. Is there anything that anyone can think of that would give me some type of creditbility???

Talk with folks at your local real estate club to find hard money lenders. There are many that lend based on just the deal and do not look at credit scores. But be aware that these will be the more expensive hard money lenders so be sure the deal has enough profit in it to make it all work for you.

I’m saying this assuming that you are buying a house for rehab.

If you are looking to buy a house to live in, find a mortgage broker who does FHA loans that will work with you. Chances are the broker can guide you in steps to take to get a credit score and other items that will let you get an FHA loan pretty quickly.

Thanks alot. Great info