no clubs in Iowa - what now?

New to business - told to join REI club to network with brokers, rehabbers etc. No clubs in Iowa. Now what? Are there clubs not listed here?

In the immortal words of “Don & Mike” (Radio gods)…“Move closer to the food, sir”!

Just kidding!

There are also other investors on this Forum from Iowa…


Hi, I am from Central Iowa! There are no Clubs in Iowa that I know of. I am fairly new to REIclub. I enjoy rehabbing. Don’t do a lot Just a couple a year. Graciez


If you look in the links I posted, there are several clubs in Iowa…don’t know if you guys are near them or not, as my Iowa isn’t as sharp as it could be (although I did a couple of trips to Des Moines and one to Ames in a “previous life”)…


There is a club in Cedar Rapids that meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00. There is a contact name and number on Let me know if you have problems finding it.


Thanks so much for the input and especially the links! Will look into now that I know where to look.

                                                   Many thanks-Donna

Fortunately, this is no longer true. The Two Rivers REIA of Central Iowa was started in October of 2006. I was also looking for a REIA group, about the same time. Couldn’t find one, so started one up, as an affiliate of the National REIA, so now we’ve got about 60 active members and are heading toward our 1st Annual Convention, to be held May 9th.

And now that I’ve posted this, I’ve probably blown my cover! My anonyminity is down the tubes!

Anyhow, all those living near Central Iowa, check out for a thriving REIA group.