Nj title comp

Hi everyone! Here’s the deal… I called around asking which title companies do assignments and double closings. Supposedly I had a company that would do it. So I just recently I have gotten to properties under contract seller and buyer ready to close ASAP! Now the company says they’re not sure if they can do this type of closing. I need a title company stat!!!

If anyone can help me I’m in Atlantic county, NJ thanks!

google real estate attorney in your area. or call up other wholesalers in your area and ask them what title companies they use

Thanks chuck. I have their underwriters looking at my contracts right now to determine if they want my business. I meant to say I have TWO properties… Making 30k in 1 month is a great start to my new career! I just need them to say yes haha!

Quick question… How do you double close with my assignment fee not on the HUD? I heard that the tittle company is supposed to write up a separate document sheet showing my fee. But it’s not presented to the buyer or seller. Any info would be great thanks! :beer

well normally a double close is done where you go to closing with the seller then later do a closing with the buyer like for exp you have a contract with the seller for 45k you would go to closing with your seller and buy the house yourself with your money or transactional funding from a hard money lender then later sell the house to your buyer for 55k

or you could do a simultaneous closing where you close with the buyer first then use his money to close with the seller later that day and they wont see what you made also but its kindof rare these days for title companies to do it so good luck on finding one but the double close is solid to do :beer