NJ REO Wholesaling Process, Please!

Hi all, I’ve closed 3 deals so far this year, one a whopping $28k on a double close wholesale deal.

I have plenty of buyers for the properties I’m coming up with, but need more houses.

I’d like to see about getting into some REO properties, but don’t know the ins & outs of the systems in NJ.

Is there any special paperwork that I’ll need or can anyone suggest a home study course that I can use to get my ducks in a row?

Thanks. Dave

Here’s what I know:
REO properties go directly to an asset management firm. In NJ there’s one major firm that comes to mind - Ralph Barone’s Sell State property solutions.

Aside from that, banks give REO listings to realtors that do BPOs for them.

Lastly, you can buy them in bulk from the bank, but that requires deep pockets and buying the ‘Tape’ / multiple properties at once.