NJ Needs Help finding owners only Relative in VA

I found a junker that the neighbor told me that the woman who owned the house had passed away 6 months ago and didn’t have anyone to leave the house to. I went to the county tax records and the property hadn’t been willed to anyone, at least not on file as of yet. Then I went to the boro hall and found out the the house is 1 year behind on the taxes and the water had been turned off due to non-payment in July. The boro clerk said that it would probably go to Tax Sale in Dec. if it stays this way. What can I do to find out how to buy this house and pay off the taxes? No one knows anything about a current owner. I did see in a pet rescue site that said the owners only relative lives in VA and didn’t want the 2 dogs that were “watching” the owner for two weeks after she passed away. Any Ideas? Thanks. DAVE


If you would PM me the information on the past owner I will try to help.

Richard Stephens

Richard, could you contact me on the private side and I’ll share the info with you. Thanks for replying. DAVE