Nice to be here. New to flipping & construction.

Hows everyone doing? My name is Mario and I plan on getting into the business of residential home fixing & flipping probably after Thanksgiving. I am 27 and know little about construction. Here is a little bit about me: I live in NY but I don’t have the capital to start fixing and flipping homes out here.
The DFW,Texas area is a place I happen to be very familiar with and have been researching for a couple of years now. I have the capital to begin in a lower end part of the City of Fort Worth (probably a $45-60,000 home that I will finance and I have a total of $75,000 cash for the project and future projects).
The obvious problem is I live in NY, I have my brother in law who will be my project manager down in Texas who has a relatively long background in construction , I will be building the parts of my network that I haven’t already in the next couple of months to come as far as construction, financing, realtors etc.
I would like to save myself the expense of hiring a general contractor to do the work and plan & direct the work with my brother and law. I guess my only two questions would be: can I hire a general contractor at the beginning of the buying process to give me a complete list of what needs to be done,with what materials and general pricing of the work? Would anyone here recommend another forum or other sources of education for a COMPLETE newbie home flipper?
Thanks for listening and I am open to any opinions, suggestions or anyone from the DFW area who wants to alert me of there trade. Thank you.


Well, good idea. All the best. :slight_smile: