Nice going Tim and Club!!

My compliments to Tim and the club. A very nice site. I’ll keep an eye peeled for any assitance I may be able to offer (for whatever that may be worth).

By the way, Tim this is the format we’re headed for at home. Right now we have the cheapie version. I’m glad to see you’ve gone the whole distance. Excellent!


Bill Gatten

P.S., What’s a “poll” (below) I know about Yugoslavians and Poles, and I know about exit polls, and readership polls, and viewer polls: but what what kind of poll would someone run here? 'Sounds cool.

Welcome and thanks for joining. Some Gatten humor is always appreciated, at least by me. :biglaugh Now, I’ll just have to find someone willing to verbally spar with you.

I’ll have to plead the 5th on the poll question, else I’m afraid I might break my own rules on obscenities. :anon

but what what kind of poll would someone run here

Isn’t this a poll, only without any multiple choice answers? Or were those the answers you gave first? Or, am I just dense and those were the easy cross-out answers and I’m supposed to come up with my own remaining two choices from which to choose? I’ll choose “C” - it’s always “C”.