Nice bike PropertyManager !

Saw your Yamaha on your website, I like it. I have a V-Star also, and really enjoy mine. I have the 1100 model, 2004, just over 2000 miles ( don’t get to ride it much ) and it is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden. Tan and maroon, single seater with luggage rack, full windshield, etc.

I’ll try to get a picture of mine up.



Thanks, it’s a great bike and it just proves that you can buy anything at a great price: real estate, motorcycles - ANYTHING. Took the afternoon off to play with my new toy and going to take most of tomorrow off also - TO RIDE! Priorities!

If I ride my bike tomorrow to pickup the deposit from my new tenant, that’s gonna be a business expense! What do you think??? Maybe I should title it in the company name and depreciate it.


Makes perfect sense to me. Takes less gas, less time, i.e., you usually get there quicker (wink wink), and with less harm to the environment. Win win, write that baby off!

There is a contraption on some/most V-Stars called the AIS, or Air Induction System. If you ever hear any backfiring, or popping when decelerating, that is the cause. It can be safely removed, or even just plugged, and it will have more power, run better, and get rid of the popping.

Just wanted to mention it because it took a few months for me to figure out why mine was backfiring, and it almost drove me nuts. lol


Thanks for the tip. I’ll save your e-mail for future use.


I’ve got a Yamaha YZF R6. Anyone want to buy it so I can purchase more real estate?

Here’s a shot of mine:

My dad has this exact same bike, and from what I hear he loves to ride it!

Cool Bike ElephantNest! I was really torn between getting a black bike or deep red/maroon! I really like the color of your bike! It looks great.

Funny that you have your bike in front of the campers. That’s what I mainly use mine for. We go camping on average 3 days a week during the summer. We pull the motorcycle and bicycles behind our RV on a small trailer so that we’re ready to ride when we arrive.

I just did the stage 1 exhaust mod yesterday to get a little better sound. I want it to sound respectable but not too loud for the campgrounds.

One of the biggest issues we have is that most of our friends work a 9-5 job. It’s hard to find people to do things during the week.

I don’t suppose you’re in Ohio? I’d like to find other investors to ride with!

Talk to you later,



Wish I was in Ohio, wish I was. Every week here at a seafood restaurant about 500 bikers get together and eat, drink, listen to music, etc. Then groups break off and ride together, lots of fun.

That’s my camper behind the bike, we love to camp also, just find it hard to find the time. My GF won’t ride on the motorcycle, so when we camp, we bring the bicycles. lol

I know what you mean about the 9-5 thing. I haven’t had a “job” in years, and many friends are jealous of my ability to do whatever, whenever. Love it, lol.

I do have some good friends in Ohio. They came down for Mardi Gras one year, and we had a blast. Nice guys. They paid for my first flight lesson here at my local airport to say thanks. Man, what a thanks. lol


I thought you should write a book and come to find you did. Awesome, I can’t wait to read it.

That bike is a 650? It looks bigger.

i’ve got an R1 (been down on it twice already)…been debating selling it to replace the windows in my house before i kick the bucket on the thing

That’s my thought process as well. I bought it when I graduated college and didn’t have much going on in life. Now things are starting to progress and I’m afraid i’ll end up doing something stupid on it.

I’d also like to use the proceeds to purchase another rental…

I know where y’all are coming from, kinda’. I think about selling my bike also. Could easily be another rental. I rarely get to ride it.

Also, I could sell my camper, that would be another rental.

I also have two trucks, if I sold one of them, I could do a rental, or if I sold the newer one, I could likely do two or more rentals.

And I even think about selling my new mower, lol, for a new rental. It’s worth way more than my bike. lol

Where do we draw the line? What do we sell, what do we keep. When we sell things, to make more money, will we run back out an re-purchase the things we sold? These are the questions that keep me up at night.



good points…you need your toys in order to enjoy life…but as richdad says…assets first, doodads second. i try to abide by this, but make some minor exceptions.

i think it would be a good decision because of how dangerous these crotch rockets are.

i must admit, when im on it however…i find myself saying “damn i could never sell this…this is just too much fun”. my bike serves as a “getaway” or short vacation if you will…it really is a good break from the stress.

having that said…i’ll be cruising this sat. perhaps new windows can wait till summer.

lol @ the windows

Believe me, I understand the therapy aspect of bikes, and I bet PM will soon be finding out for himself. Short vacation is an excellent way to describe it. I’ve been riding for decades, so my crotch rocket days are long behind me. And yes, i’m lucky to be here. lol

Being a bit older now, I enjoy the comfort and rumble of a slow fat cruiser any day over the white knuckled adrenaline pumped ride of a crotch rocket. You’ll get to that point too, hopefully sooner than later. And one day, on your slightly safer, “old man” bike, you’ll say the same thing…“damn i could never sell this…this is just too much fun”.

Do I miss my old Suzuki GS750 rocket? Yup. lol

Well, I CAN NOT give up my bike. It is now officially a business tool. I used it today to rent our only available house (got a non-refundable deposit from 4 college kids) and I rode it to show two apartments.

In addition, I had a board meeting this morning with the mirror (while I was shaving) and I (we) decided that the motorcycle is part of our new mental health program. After the meeting, I went riding and I still don’t feel completely healthy. Therefore, I’m sure that more riding will be needed tomorrow!

I do feel better now after the exhaust mod. Now it rumbles instead of sounding like a vacuum cleaner!

Mike (I love the rental business)