Next Hot Spot?

OK fellow investors get out your Magic 8 Ball for this one :cool

When do you think house prices will start appreciating again? :huh

Where do you think this will happen first and be the “Next Hot Spot?” :dance

California, Florida, etc. Coastline, there is never enough of it and it will always be in demand. Just as soon as the bust is over the boom will be back. Flyover country, not as much demand. Coastlines, always demand. Look at a population density map of the US, most of the population concentrates on the coastlines. Go 50 miles inland and the numbers drop considerably. Supply and demand, the supply is limited and the demand is always there and will always increase because populations increase. We saw a huge bubble form due to easy money and crappy lending that drove it far above where it should have been but once we recover from that we’ll start the cycle again. We’re not going to see another huge spike in the next 5 years because the banks played with fire and got burned but supply and demand will push prices up. I see CA going down 30-40% in the next 2 yrs and back up another 15-20% in the 3-4 yrs following the bottom. Flyover country didn’t really spike, won’t really drop much and won’t see huge gains after it hits the bottom.

Here’s a map:

I agree. The next hot spot is your hometown. There is somebody making money in real estate right where you are. You need to find out how they are doing it and do just what they are doing.

Im in a dark blue spot(about 1/2 hr north of Indianapolis) YAY!!! :bobble

I’m with ya Hoosier!!

I saw a global warming show on CNN last night. According to them, the polar ice caps are melting at an increasing rate and all those coastal areas will soon be under 20 feet of water! So, what we really need is a map that will show everyplace with an elevation of 21 feet - THE NEW BEACHFRONT PROPERTY! There’s your new hotspot! All of the current hotspots will be FISHING SPOTS!


LOL cute mike, but sad if it turns out to be true. :flush

Hehehe, I think the Hot Spot is already happening and going like crazy… it’s a place called India :smile.

One loan that particularly ruined people was the 28/2. The teaser rate went for 2 years, then the fun starts. 2 years is not enough time to build a better financial picture to deal with a 30% increase in mortgage payments, especially if your mid FICO is 550. This nonsense has to go on for at least one more year because 28/2s were being peddled as recently as July of this year.
The Northwest is booming right now. Portland and Seattle are still going. I think that Eastern Europe and emerging nations will have a lot of appreciation and a lot of opportunities in years to come.

Yea! I Own the New beach front property in two blue zones! :beer

I wonder how long it’ll be until global warming will show drastic devastation or the Earth’s condition will improve.

sorry I don’t know your answer jparkx1…but I was wondering the general consensus was about the Boston real estate market?

sorry I don't know your answer jparkx1...but I was wondering the general consensus was about the Boston real estate market?

Under 19 feet of water!


Wow, guys I am impressed.

Some good infomation here and some fun stuff too.

Who is next :beer

Rich, that is a great map. Where did you get it?

Googled US population density or something like that, I can’t recall the exact search term.

Here is a great place to follow trends and find your next hot spot.

Miami will always boom and bust hard :slight_smile:

Same with the left coast.