newspaper ads

Which day or days of the week do you believe is the best day or days to advertise ur prorperties in the newspaper?

If the ad is for a rental, Monday is the best day. Apparently, tenants play on the weekend and don’t check the for rent ads until they are at work on Monday and can use the boss’s time to hunt for a place to live.

I don’t know if there’s a best day of the week to advertise. Our responses vary according many different factors. If you live in a college town, you should see ad responses spike in both August and January. Also people tend to move more during the warmer Spring months, say March, April and May. I live in the South, so it warms up down here sooner than in many northern states.

So in general, we find that advertising response rates vary according to seasonal patterns during the year. These variations are not daily.

Hope this helps.

I think a reasonable person would look on Saturday and Sunday morning. I like to rent to reasonable people. Funny, I’ve found that the person that calls on Wed afternoon when your ad went out on the previous weekend always has a story to tell about bad credit, evictions, etc.