Newspaper add for investors

There are no REI clubs anywhere near where i live, so i was thinking of putting an add in the paper, my only fear is that i will end up getting telemarketers, crank calls or real estate agents trying to market thier listing to me.
Has anyone ever ran an add like this? is there another way to find like minded ppl in my area?
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Where do you live?

If you click on his profile, you can see he lives in Sequim, Washington. It’s a couple hours to the nearest club.

I’m in a similar situation, though, so I’m curious to see any responses. The nearest active club from me is an hour away, which is fine for gaining knowledge, but not for making local contacts.

I’m in California… where would I get the best info for investor clubs in my area. I would like to circle myself around positive and inspiring minds that share the common goal.

Holy cow .Im not all that experienced but from what I see this is a no brainer with all due respect.If there are no ads or clubs in your area I personally would take out a bilboard ad on the busiest highway :director: inviting every investor realtor telemarketer and realestate agent to call and get involved in MY realestate club ;D Networking is the key to success . The more people you know the more opportunity presented to you.

Bringing out the bullhorn! ;D

Sidenote: I was hoping that there may be chapters or a known organization that has locations around the nation.

Any Help is Appreciated,

There is one I know of its called … ;D You just cant see the people but you can type your little heart out to them ;D