newie at bird-dogging

need some advise :mrgreen: found a house.owner needs quick sale.not for sure if it’s a preforeclosure.the house was apprise for 180,000.and now selling for 159,000.owner will take alower offer.I drove by look from the outside,It is brick tudor duplex very large upstairs and down with backyard deck,In a excellent neighorhood.I am needing someone who knows what offer to make an as a birddog what i should recieve for the deal.By the way.I am meeting with the seller tomorrow,at 12:30 central time.also needing to flip. Someone help.Please email. :biglaugh

I was just curious if you got this one signed up or if you’re still working it?

How low will the seller go? The current numbers certainly don’t excite me much.

Anyway, sorry you didn’t get a response earlier and I wanted to follow-up.