Newest of the new to REI

Ok, I have read a lot about wholesaling and some suggestions on getting started are first creating a buyer’s list then find the deals. I have also heard about double closing and assigning contracts, but can someone give an example of how to fill these forms out? I might need a lot of practice before I get it straight but any help will do. Thanks a bunch!!

I will send you over an audio clip, and short ebook that will help make things much, much clearer, look in you mail box.

Can i get one too?

Thanks Eric, I have sent my email address to you.

The absolute best place to learn how to fill out contracts for free is at your title company. They will not only give you a board of realtor contract but they will show you how to fill it out. What great guys. As an added bonus, they have free cokes and cookies.

Eric, can I get your audio/pdf wholesaling info? I can send you my email…


I like the free cokes & cookies. Makes me want to close even more deals :bobble

Hey Eric… Could I also have a copy??


wow, is it for free? hope i can get one to… :bobble

could you also send me the audio clip and the ebook.