Newby needs advice from experienced investor

This is my first experience with real estate investing. I have acquired some vacant city lots in Oklahoma. I am ready to sell and have some potential buyers. I need assistance from someone who can walk me through the process. I have not sold before and want to make sure that I cover all the bases and that I am doing things correctly. Any advice or assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:


If you have never sold real estate before, your best resource might just be a local real estate agent. Put the first couple of properties in your agent’s hands. Watch the process, participate whenever possible, and learn what is done so you can do the rest yourself.

Dave T:

Thank you for responding to my question. I had considered using a real estate agent and I may actually end up doing that so that I can learn the process since I haven’t sold any property before.

that is the way to go till you get some more knowledge under ya! :wink:

yes, working with local real estate agent is the best way to get some experience in the field.

You know that this thread is over seven years old, right?