Newby gettin started

Hello My name is Todd and I just bought my first house two years ago in a suburb near Milwaukee, WI and I love it. I love fixin it up and makin’ repairs on it. I now saved about 11,000 and I am trying very hard to raise more because I was thinking of getting into maybe buying houses and renting them out. Is this a good plan or is their a better way? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get started or what I should do first?

Thank you

Todd L

I love fixin it up and makin’ repairs on it. I now saved about 11,000

Sorry could not figure out the quote thing! Hey Todd That is a great saving’s!
I only have one question?

How much Time did you lose! I love fixing things as well my only problam is when I fix things I am not out looking for more deals so that cost’s more then the labor it would have cost! Lets say for simple numbers there is 33k in a deal and you saved 11k by fixing the house yourself, while you were fixing this house up you missed out on one deal it then cost you 22k to fix that house!

On the other hand If you love the handy work that much do it! I just personaly love the deals more!

Your absolutely right. It almost always pays to have someone else do the work. I guess I had two points 1. I love doing the handy work . and 2. What would you recommend that I do to get started in investing. I shouldn’t have even mentioned that I like to do handy work. My main point is point 2. I was thinking of buying 2-3 bedroom homes in blue-collar neighborhoods and renting them. Would you think this is a good idea? Thanks for your input.