I live in the Dallas area want to jump in the game with both feet. I done some courses but still feel like there are so many questions unanswered. HELP!

Medic!..we need a Medic over here…

kiddin’… let’s start with you axin’ some of those questions you got…

when you go to a doctor, what’s the first thing they ask you?..where does it hurt?.. what do you need to know?..

That is funny! It’s like showing up in the doctor’s office and saying, “Treat me.”

I thought so too…

Like the above posts said, you need to give some specifics as to what you want to do and how you plan on doing it.

My focus is Wholesaling. Whats the best way to start? Find a deal then the buyer or Buyer then the Deal. I guess I’m saying I do not have a buyers list and need a simple method to build one.

While finding buyers is critical, I always suggest people start getting good at finding sellers. Start marketing so you start talking to sellers EVERY DAY. You will need to talk to a lot of sellers to find one deal so get cracking.

If you can afford it, direct mail is the best way to find sellers, IMO. But most people give up after a month or two of mailing. Commit to mailing to the same list once a month for six months. If your funds are limited, signs and looking for vacant houses area good place to start on a limited budget.

good luck!

If you’ve done a few courses as you stated, why not just start doing some of the things the courses told you to do? I’m absolutely certain those courses laid out some action items…just start doing them!

If you take action the next step will quickly reveal itself…