I hope this doesn’t offen anyone, not my intention. I was just wondering why I was not getting any answers to my post? Are they stupid questions or just not advanced enough…not understanding? I hear all the time that new investors are not getting the right info. I figured what better place then a RE forum, full of different experts. I want to investing the right way. So please I’m just looking for help and some direction. I want to be a successful investor not a pretender. So please any help would be appreciated.


No it doesn't offend me, as I think it is a legitimate question? A lot of times when fellow investors or new investors post there are not enough details given or there is not enough location information to know what kind of a governing situation your in, and then a lot of times if a question is a real specialty area of real estate some of your fellow investors pass to wait for someone with answers to that specialty.

Now if you post on a weekend vs a week day the time to get some kind of an answer may vary and if you post and don’t get an answer within 3 or 4 days repost it and ask your question differently. Now with summer coming on various people on this forum will be on vacation.

Now what things do you need help with? Feel free to send me a PM if you think I can help you directly?

Good luck,


Thanks for the answer, I truly appreciate it.