Hey all,

 Would it be stupid of me to say long term reader-first time poster? Oh well, I said it.

  While looking for my first home a couple years ago I became interested in RE investing. Read a bunch(a lot in these forums,great info!!), learned a little in my purchase. I searched for my good deal/ meets the wife and new babies criteria for a couple years. Purchased that 9 mo ago and did a major remodel. 

 I am now ready to start marketing for my first investor deal and don't have much of a budget.

 I have went back and forth on which group to market to, thinking that I would want to focus on 1 group rather than split limited funds into 2 mailing groups.

 1)preforeclosures  --   to buy and hold-- rent or L/O    or
                               --   buy and sell (investor or retail)   or
                               --   wholesale

 2)expireds and fsbo   --  to aquire these types sub2 and L/O

maybe a little more to learn here, heard if interest rates go up there will be more of a tendency to call loans due. :question

Maybe I’m overthinking and need to be more generic in my ads, saying just that i buy houses.

Any help will be much appreciated and what I don’t get in time I will live and learn!!


Markets vary so you need to have a little better understanding of your local market needs. Starting generic may provide you with some of this information. Good Luck!! :beer

Thanks! I’m tryin. :biggrin

My marketing budget turned into a car engine :banghead (timing belt maintenance is important!). I’ll need a few weeks now to get some more cash to start.

What I was thinking:
Direct mail a combination of handwritten letters and postcards every 3-4 days.

Until then I’m going to order business cards:

                         I buy houses
              any sitiuation any condition
               ugly, pretty or in between
                          fast closings

no website yet

And hand out as many as possible!

I’ve started to become more comfortable talking to people about what I am aspiring to do, and with that I think I’m asking myself better questions.

My primary goal in investing is long term wealth. I’m now in my early 30’s and can’t stand the thought of counting on anyone but myself for retirement.

But I sure wouldn’t mind some quick money either. :biglaugh