… :help…quick questions…im new to real estate and im trying to learn more about my diff options using a lease option…i was told that my best option would be to try and get a lease option on a “good deal” into a fixxer upper or a foreclosed home and then find a joint venture partner to put in for repairs…and then sell quicky…or find another T/B…what would be the best way to target fixxer upper properties and foreclosed homes using a lease option contract?? what clauses would i need in the contract in order to sell the property??..and whats the best way to close this three way deal when i find another T/B??..any input would be appreiated…>>young and reaady to learn :cool

anybody?? lol

Terry, I’ve answered this before but why would you want to lease option buy a property and then rehab it when you don’t even own it.
Make sure your lease form from when you sell it has a Lead Paint Disclosure and maybe a Fair renters act in it somewhere, at least in my State anyway.herbster