Found this site last week and took action. Yesterday, I signed a lease option on a very nice 3/4 bedroom, 2 bath house on an acre of land. About $10,000 behind appraised value, 5 year lease option with 12 1/2% rent credit. First months rent plus $1.00 consideration for option down. Now what? What is the best way to find a tenant / buyer for this property? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Joe

Run adds in the newspapers, Put up HUGE sign in yard saying rent to own.
And stop dragging your feet.

Besides the newspaper ad’s and a yard sign as Darin recommended, talk to your neighbors let them know the home is available as a rent-to-own. Also get the word out to the local churches, HR departments of any businesses locally. Check to see if the local Chamber Of Commerce sells ad space on it’s website. Good work.