Newbie ?

How to find cash buyers on the MLS in a certain area that u want to target? To put on my buyer’s list.

First thing you want to do, is find the area that has the most cash transactions of properties that have sold within the past 90 days. Google Zip codes in your local city and start implementing each zip code in MLS residential general search where it says zip code. Type in each zip code one at a time until you see a clear cut difference between cash and conventional financing transactions. Each zip code will display different results. Once you have your desired area, what you do from that point is this, click on each cash transaction and find out who the selling agent for that property was. When you find out who the selling agent was google their name and type realtor after that along with the city they sold the property in. example: Bob Jones Realtor in tampa, fl. The selling agent # should come up. Call that agent up and say this: I saw you recently sold a property at xyz and I see it was a cash transaction. I’m a wholesaler and I come across great deals in that area all the time. I wanted to know possibly can you put me in contact with your buyer who purchased xyz? If he says no, then just ask can you add them to your preferred buyers list and when you get a deal in that area, you will email it to him so he can pass it on to their buyer. Of course if a deal goes down, you will have to find a way to compensate that agent. Hope this helps! Go for it! You can do it!