newbie with a partnering question

hi from a Texas newbie all. anyone want to tackle/comment on my situation?

I have a friend who wants to buy the duplex he’s rented for 3 years…he has a great relationship with the owners (who want to sell it to him), and we are partnering up to buy it since I have the cash for a down payment, at a price of 100K. He is working on setting up owner financing for us; he thinks that we will need at least 5% down payment, maybe 10. We are trying to come up with an equitable way to have equal ownership; and he thinks that bringing his realtor friend on board to do the deal at only 1% commission is worth the 5% difference that we will “save” on the deal (assuming a realtor charges 6%). I.E. I come up with $10,000 down payment and he’s saying his realtor connections and position with the owners is worth $5,000… We both agree that as he’s a professional carpenter and all around excellent handy-man that he can log his hours and earn sweat equity for some of his part (it’s a 60 year old house)…

I mean, the seller is the one who pays the realtor fee if they listed the house. I think he’s using the realtor friend to actually do the closing for us…anyone have an idea of a fair estimate of what he’s bringing to the table?

Also, how much down payment is expected with owner finance? I would like to put down as little as possible! Many Thanks Brenda

You say it is a duplex, but you don’t mention what you will do with the second unit. Could your friend be only purchasing one side of a duplex?

oh, sorry…I will be moving into the other side (actually, it’s one on top of the other; looks like a single family dwelling from the street but has seperate utilities) – it’s a nice house in a great area with a garage apartment in back with a solid renter paying $400/mo.

so we are not splitting it; just buying it together (hopefully!)


Well not that I am that I know to much about this. But would it be possible for you all to get a mortgage for 80-90% of the price and then have the seller hold back (PM Mortgage) the 20-10% for the downpayment. That way they Seller gets 80-90% of his money from the mortgage company and then only has a 20-10% PM against it. Meaning that you pay the seller the majority of the money with the Mortgage money and you only owe the Seller the 20-10% thus creating a no-money down situation. Instead of you putting out any money from your pocket.

Just an Idea.

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thanks so much Tony for the idea…i have a broker shopping around for a zero down mortgage now…might be simpler even than your idea…

if you already know the owners, why are you paying a realtor?

hire a realtor and pay him 2k to do your paperwork and ask the sellers to knock off 5k. i sold my house to a friend. i asked a mrtg broker which escrow company he liked. i used his referral and they handled all the paperwork for $600. even sent the buyer all the disclosures and stuff.