Newbie wholesaler

Hey what’s going on great people ! Im working on my first deal in the northeast Ohio area cleveland . Need to find a really good closing attorney who understands how to do wholesale business and can handle a large volume of business. I’d greatly appreciate any help and advice from the group.

Ray “blueprintwholesaler”

How’s it going?

If you do happen to find one, let me know. I am trying to explore that market also and would like as much resourses as possible.

You may not get the referrals you may be seeking here because most of us are located in other areas. What I would suggest to you is speak to local investors in Cleveland. Go to your Cleveland REIA (real estate investment assoc.) and you may get better referrals there.

Also call real estate attorneys and explain to them what you do and if they can work to represent you. Just don’t use the words “Wholesaling” instead tell them that you put properties under contract that meets your criteria then assign your interest to other investors/buyers. You’re looking for an attorney that can help represent your interest in the transaction. Let them bring up the term “wholesaling” if they are familiar with it.