Newbie Wholesaler trying to build outs of state buyers list

First off, thanks to everybody that make this site great! appreciate all the info. I’ve been on the sidelines for a few years and have recently went gone "all in’ with wholesale investing.
I recently came across something that is outside of my normal buyers list target and I am looking for any guidance on finding cashbuyers in S.C. or N.C. I have posted on a few sites but it has been slow and I have a deal pending. 2/1 over 2/1 duplex or large SFH depending. Will probably get the prop at about 36 or 37k with arv of 75-85k with 10-15k in repairs. Can any body point me in the right direction to find cashbuyer asap as i dont want to get stuck in the deal or lose EM. Thanks.

In addition to your advertising, have you looked for and called any ads placed by any of the local buyers? How about any “We Buy Houses” type signs?

also did you ask the buyers that you have why they didnt like the deal whats wrong with it?? because depending on the reason nobody might not want it… unless your buyers are tapped out of funds or or dont like the specific # of bedrooms or stuff like that…

Thanks for the feedback. I probably wasnt clear in initial question. The issue is that I work mostly out of nyc and this deal that I am working is in South Carolina. I have looked for some we buy houses signs online but havent come across anything worthwhile. Have a timeline on the deal so if you know of any places to find SC buyers or ideas to…that would be great!

Can you offer it to your local buyers? Or, do you know someone down there who can put up bandit signs for you?

this is a technique of mine Im willing to share. Try looking in the news paper for “FOR RENT” ads in the area you want to find buyers, get a list of as many as you can find. Go online and see if you can get a tax assessor website for the area, and then look up the addresses to all the properties that are for rent. Find out who the owners are through the tax assessor, you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of properties the owners of those “for rent” properties like to buy. Give the ones that interest you a call, let them know your a wholesaler, and ask them if they are interested in buying a good deal right now. And I think you know how the rest goes. Good luck and happy hunting

Thanks for asking this question SPS. I am happy to be able to help you with this as it is a problem I’ve dealt with a lot wholesaling in 280 markets simultaneously.

Here are several things you might consider trying:

  • Contact a local title company and get a list of all the absentee owners (people whose tax bill is being sent to an address other than the property) and then do one of two things or both. Mail them a postcard selling your property. Call them to sell your property or ask if they know of another local investor (don’t forget to network to your buyer if they are not interested). This is similar to Aces suggestion except I believe Aces is focusing on finding the ones that are actively marketing for properties they are trying to get occupied which, on the up side, often gives you current, direct contact info, but, on the down side, is a smaller list. Again, don’t forget to network to your buyer and not just accept a no without having them suggest someone who would be interested. They know local people; you presumably don’t.
  • While this tends to work better for single family homes when you’re looking for an owner occupant buyer, you can also hire someone via CraigsList that is local to put up flyers on the nearest 300 properties surrounding your property. If you’re seeking owner occupants remember that “terms” give you a marketing advantage so market based on terms.
  • Similarly, you could also hire someone to do Bandit Signs after checking local ordinances (call your Pre-Paid Legal provider to get a referral to a local attorney to get the real scoop on the local law regarding Bandit Signs first)
  • Call the local REI group or association and ask for help or a referral from them
  • Do a search in Google for “[City] We Buy Homes”, “[City] We Buy Houses” and “[City] Real Estate Investor” to see if you find someone doing web marketing. Look for both Pay Per Click advertisers (also known as “Sponsored Ads” on the top and right) as well as natural search (the results that come up for your search. Don’t be afraid to go through several pages of results. Just because someone is not search engine savvy at getting their website listed does not mean they’re not a serious real estate investor. And, by the way… use the phone (not email) whenever possible.
  • Contact local real estate agents–especially those that say they cater to investors–and offer 3% for an investor buyer on the transaction. The good ones will try to get you to list it with them. You can decide how you want to deal with that.
  • If you can get a “For Sale” sign in the yard of the property and LOTS of directional signs up directing people to the property that is one of the top ways to sell properties in my experience
  • Keep your ad to sell the property up on CraigsList
  • I won’t suggest Voice Broadcast in this case, but if you have your buyers list, that can be an effective way (along with email blast and fax blast) to get the word out about your deal
  • You might also consider, as a lower priority, using Google AdWords and other PPC marketing to sell your property
  • You might also consider networking with other investors using Facebook and Twitter

I hope that helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.