Newbie Wholesaler Looking for Structure

Hey everyone, Im interested in wholesaling. My goal is to be up and running for the new year. Not sure if that is a realistic goal but im going to aim high. :biggrin If anyone has any advise im all ears. :help
Im trying to get a proper agenda, so when I awake I know my goals for that day or week.Sorry its long… This is what ive come up with so far.

Objective: Building Relationships 12/8-12/12
Consult a Lawyer- Go over contracts and what is legal.
Build a website-advertise with free sites
Drive taffic to the website
Find a title company or RE Closing Attorney - that does assignments
Get access to the mls
Get Vanity Number
Get Fax Machine/Printer
Order Business Cards
Find a Local REI Club-Network

Objective:Marketing & Finding Deals 12/15-12/19
Bandit Signs
Advertise on Free websites
Post Cards - Absentee Owners
Advertise in stores

Sounds like a solid plan seems you been doing your homework good. Now the only thing left is actually doing it so go out there and make deals happen.

This is a pleasant coincidence. I am also a newbie investor, and like you I also have a startup date of January 1st. In my Pocket PC I also have structured goals set in order to get my business up and running.

I guess I am a little ahead because I currently am self-employed in small business solutions/bookkeeping, so I already have an LLC, Tax ID, bank account, vanity number, and web domain.

Thank you for this post because you actually listed some things that I did not think of.

Previous agenda (before you gave me more ideas) :biggrin:


  • Switch my bank account to a local one here in New Orleans
    Get Business Cards Printed
    Switch my vanity number from Tampa to New Orleans
    Get a local PO Box for business- to keep my home address private
    Change the layout and design of the website I already own to accept leads
    Purchase professional letterhead
    Continue to educate myself on real estate investing


  • Build a thorough buyers list
    Attend New Orleans REI Club meeting on Jan. 15th
    Obtain all missing forms and documents needed.
    Second half of the month-begin to obtain potential customers mailing addressess
    Seek other advertising outlets.

Again, your agenda is great… definitely better than mine. The only thing I would share is that I keep reading from most experienced investors that you should make sure you take the time to build a great buyers list first because you want to make sure you have people to sell your options to.

I would love to see your progress over these next months. I wish you the best.
T. Lloyd

Hey T. Lloyd,

You have very good pointers. I forgot all about getting a PO Box. I have a appt tomorrow with a lawyer. I’ve heard all contracts are assignable unless stated other wise. He said, she said…Im in NJ so I hope that there wont be any problems.
One of my plans was to do at least 3 properties. So that I have capital to start a LLC then set up my business bank account ,tax id ect.
Im working fulltime so once I finish the 3 deals. I will be able to focus on Real Estate alone.
I did however purchase a domain for buyers. Its not set up yet. Hopefully once I speak with the attonery and feel comfortable about moving on. (I don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law :shocked) I can go full force with the Plan.
Sorry the msg is long.


one big thing you forgot, what about the buyers? If you don’t find out what they want and need first, all this will be wasted. Start with the buyer and the rest will fall into place.

hassanr is 100% correct you must start with Buyers then work out the rest. By doing this its like working from the end to the beginning. Imagine locking up a deal and not having the $ to buy or anyone else to sell to. All that effort time and $ wasted. Don’t focus on the courses you read if they were still buying they probably wouldn’t be selling houses. Also don’t call around asking Title Co’s if they do double closings most will say it’s illegal. Find out who Investors are using and get to know them…Good look to both of you.