newbie w/1st deal & need advise

I’ve found my 1st property and ready to close the deal!

Does the buyer normally pay for the following:

title search/abstract
fee/mortgage title insurance preminums
all lender closing costs
all mortgage & recording taxes
transfer taxes
all abstract updates, survey, inspection, recording fees

I don’t know if it makes a difference but this is an REO property ARV 133,619, offer 83,904, repairs 20,000, closing cost ?4195.20.

What is the best method to estimate closing cost once I know what the ‘buyer’s’ closing cost is?

Thanks for your help

You may end up paying 80% market value or more when everything is said and done. It may not be that great of a deal. I currently have 3 properties under contract that I could sell to you for under 75% market value. Don’t get into a deal just because it has equity. Let’s say you have holding costs, and then you pay a realtor 6% to sell the property near market value for you. You may only walk with $5-$10K after months of waiting for it to sell so you can get the equity you bought for. Let’s say you worked with someone like myself who has properties under contract and that were less of a rehab job(which means less holding costs), and has a lot more equity. You could walk with $5-$10K in 2 weeks after finding an investor who wants to hold for cashflow. Let’s say I sold to you for 70% market value. You could easily flip to an investor for 78-80% market value who wants to hold for cashflow, and you wouldn’t have to pay a realtor to sell your property because you would be selling a good deal.(both you and the investor win) If you buy at 80% and up, if you are looking to flip, you may have cut your potential market down to just homeowners. If you are looking to hold for cashflow, the deal you have is fine. If you are looking to flip, which is what I am guessing since you are beginning, I would hold off for a better deal.