NEWBIE stupid question

Greetings all. I’ve been reading forums on hard money and no money down programs, etc. I don’t have any real-world experience with financing/hard money, but I was just thinking to myself (being between jobs w/ no income), say a deal had really good equity, are there any “lenders” who would loan money with no monthly payments, but let me pay off plus interest after I flipped the property?

Ex (hypothetical):
Sale price: $50,000
Market value: $100,000
Borrowing: say $10,000 to reinstate loan and take over payments

So I would just reinstate the loan, and take over payments until I flipped it. I would think (but what do I know) that borrowing little with so much equity would be pretty secure for the lender, so could I just pay back say $12,000 after property sold?

Sorry if this is a stupid a$$ question, just trying to think of something without my having to spend out-of-pocket, and with NO INCOME.