Newbie Questions

Hey guys, I’m new to the game and need some help!

When do you start the process with the title company?

Is is after you have the purchase contract, or after you have the purchase and assignment contracts that you contact the title company?

Basically what info do you relay ( how do you structure the closing ) :help

My course was not exactly clear on this.

Thanks for any help!

The title company is envoled as soon as you go into a purchase agreement you need to send them the paper work so that they can start on the title work, also as soon as you assign the contract you should send them or take them over the contract. The title company is envoled from start to finishI hope this helps :biggrin

Hello, fellow newbie here.

It is my understanding that as soon as you have a purchase agreement with a seller, you want to go to your attorney(title, escrow company) to start the title work.

This will help you close when you are supposed to close( what is in purchase agreement).

Also, in the event that you find a buyer, you want them to settle right away.

Both of you are right. Once you have the Contract signed, get it to the title company. Then, line up your buyers and if they like the price, they’ll get it. If needed, get the buyer to give you a deposit on the house. That way, you’ll know they are a true buyer. Just remember to take that amount off the rest of your assignment fee, and request the rest of the fee be received by you at or before closing.

After you get the buyer to sign your assignment agreement, get it to the title company. The will help get the deal closed and when all is said and done, everybody will be happy. :cool

You have the answer that you need now from others, but I just think it’s interesting that the course that you have did not address this. The first course that I had also did not address this and this is the exact question that I had when I got started.