Newbie questions - starting from the ground up!

Hey folks,

I am new to this type of investing. To give you some of my background, I am currently renting an apt. (for about a year) - have moved to new area due to family in this locale. I’m 56 and single - 1 child out of home now. - No real constraints, but my financial situation has changed over the past 2 years. Basically, lost everything financially and starting over. My credit has hit rock bottom over the financial pitfalls I encountered within past 2-3 years. My retirement fund is tied up legally so I can’t utilize that. Have used my savings over past 2 years and now find myself starting over.

I want to believe REI is possible - but want to stay realistic. I understand there are challenges ahead but am willing to make the necessary adjustments to make this happen.

I am in the midst of reading and absorbing the concepts - just want some advice from those who have been in the game so to speak.

Where do I start - not much money and my credit has been damaged. They say you can purchase homes/property - etc. with no money down and hold for a period of time and then cash out and go back and do the same with other property.

I feel like I don’t have a lot of time to waste here - due to age and energy!

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

One strategy you can look at is subject 2. That’s a strategy where you can take over payments for a homeowner. Do some research and see what you think.

I’d recommend you start by birddogging/wholesaling until you learn quite a bit and also build up some cash reserves. I recommend either Steve Cook’s course or Vena Jones-Cox (I have both).

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