Newbie Question

Hi, I am very new to this whole real estate investment thing. A little background on me. I ma currently a junior in college in Ft. Wayne, indiana. I am majoring in Accounting. My girlfriend and I have just bought a HUD house that I have about 30k in equity for. I also play football, so my income is pretty limited during the fall and winter. I have about 2k dollars left after having bought this house and repairing. Is there anything that I could do with that 2k to invest? I have been trying to read upon doing short sales. How much upfront money is generally needed to do something like that? Is there anything else that I could do, or should I just save my money until I graduate and get a job???


John Wolf


    The first thing I would ask is what are the plans for the house? Living in it? selling it? That would help out to find out more about what to do with the 2k because it might be 32k.

Thanks for the reply. I plan on living in it for a couple of years until I finish school because it is right across the street from my college. Any other replies would be greatly appreciated

John Wolf


I’m also new, so take this for what it’s worth. When you graduate and decide to move out; keep the house and rent out individual rooms to students that attend your school. The income will pay off the mortgage, and you’ll never have a problem finding tenants. Like I said…it’s just a thought.

Good Luck finding the right investment!