Newbie Question

I have found a deal & spoke to the seller. She is willing to sell the property for $155.000. The TAV is $156,110. The house is in foreclosure. The CMA is $160,000. What should I offer her?
70%*160000= $112,000- Repairs. Is this realistic?
Can I take an approx rule of thumb repairs amt and give an offer before actually going out and spending money on inspection.
I’ll appreciate any suggestions?

i am a newby also but i’ve done enough reading to advice you to do a little more research before jumping in. for example did you check to see if there are any other liens. and as for making an offer before seeing i personally would’nt do that but a verbal offer means nothing. you could say anything just to motivate the seller even more…until you access the damage. by the way what is tav?

Offer that formula and make the offer contingent apon their are no other liens. The title Co. will find out if there is any more liens, thats a major part of their job.