Newbie question- simultaneous closing FLORIDA

I’m VERY NEW to this-- (still working on my first wholesale deal). I have a friend who is a realtor who scared me with her “flipping is illegal” speech. Because of her naysaying, I’m now concerned about contacting title compaines about doing simultaneous closings. My question, then, is how can I find a title company in the Greater Orlando area that doesn’t have a problem with this? Any wording/language suggestions that work for anyone that doesn’t send up a red flag when I’m talking to the title companies?

Any and all suggestions are welcomed!

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Just disregard your realtor friend.

There is no need to do a simultaneos closing if you do not want to. You can just assign the contract. Every contract in Florida is assignable unless the contract specifically says otherwise.

As far as simultaneous closing, Attorney Joe Seagal and Smooth Closings Title company are both good.

The only issue you will have is funding the first sale if you do not have the money.

If you need help selling the contract to another investor I can help. I have over 1,000 investors on my email list and call sell very fast.

Todd Hutcheson

Hope this helps.

Hi Todd,

How can I get ahold of you so we can chat? I checked out your website. Do you also buy homes in Seminole county? If so, where. Also, do your buyers only like pretty houses, or pretty and ugly alike?